Machine Learning Solutions!

Since the Capice platform is so easy to use, has many types of machine learning algorithms, and has an Internet API interface, Capice can be used for a wide variety of industry solutions ... these are just a few.

All with zero software to download or install !

To get your AI project moving along at the speed of light, contact us and our data scientists will help you out at no charge

iOS iPhone Developers

You want machine learning model that are sophisticated, highly accurate and large, for image, video, audio, text, numeric and you do not want to redeploy your iOS application every time you update the machine learning models.

You can create basic machine learning models with Xcode. But, should you need a model that is more sophisticated and can be managed at a centralized web site you control, then we have a great solution for you.
100% API driven. Write the code to interface to our APIs using the documentation in the Developers tab, or we will even supply you the Xcode interface source code - free of charge. This is easy !

That's it ! If you need to add more data to the model and retrain, you can do that without redeploying your iPhone app !

Human Resources

It would be great if companies could predict in seconds attrition probabilities across the groups and units of their business. Right down to the individuals who are most at risk for leaving.

Now you can. No machine learning or programming skill required at all.

Security Systems

You can write all your own machine learning algorithms yourself -- or spend your time and money on your core business of security systems and leave the algorithms, technical resources and data science to Capice.
We supply huge, deep neural networks for image and audio inferences. Your security system includes cameras and microphones. Then, you need to easily determine "was that glass breaking" or a "knock on the door"?

Does your security camera see a "person" or a "dog" or "delivery truck" ? There are a myriad of these "what is it ?" scenarios that a high end security system needs to figure out before it can take action. Capice handles it all and then provides you internet API access for all the inferences for your systems to run day and night.

We let you focus on your core business.

Manufacturing Plants

This is a huge area of opportunity for you. Plant floors need to know things from the simple: does the machine sound like it is running smoothly ? To the medium: does the part look like a good part ? To the complex: is my plant floor running as usual or starting to get out of the norm ?

All doable with the Capice platform. Quick to implement without technical skill. You can also easily integrate Capice APIs with your other other software systems.

Contact Centers

You can get tons of text data like web site feedback / verbatims or email requests / complaints. But figuring out which department to direct all this too or what action to take can be laborious. Especially if you get thousands per month.

The Capice platform has a really fast, quickly available solution -- which automatically customizes itself to your business and the types of communications you receive.

More importantly, you already know that employee attrition is the achilles heal of contact centers -- and the business opportunity for millions of dollars of savings. The Capice platform predicts employee attrition. And forecasts areas where your contact centers need to focus to maintain their employee base. Run the entire employee list in seconds getting a deep learning answer that shows which are the employees most at risk for leaving the company. Save millions of $$.

We will help get your project moving at no charge. Contact us and our data scientists will call you.